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  • Web Developement consulting

    • This is billed per hour
      You can request for multiple hours depending on your work need.
      Appropriate if you want to request for a face to face meeting (please note that this does not cover Transportation cost)
    GH¢140.00 uma vez
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  • Monthly Web Consultation

    • If a client comes to a web consultant with the simple goal of building a website, it’s a done deal. Website consultants can help clients conceptualize and build the website of their dreams and reach their overarching marketing and business goals. Create a website
    • Whether the web strategy consultant is tasked with designing the website from scratch or building off of an existing website, one of the goals that clients might have is to market it properly. A lot of moving parts go into marketing a website, and a web consultant can help clients determine what course of action is best for reaching the goals they have in mind. Market a website
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